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Cornwall Housing Options

Housing options

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How to enter your information

There are several ways in which you will enter your information on this website:

1. Dropdown boxes 

  • A dropdown box lets you select one choice from a list of options
  • Click on the arrow at the corner of the checkbox and then select your answer

2. Check boxes most of your information will be entered this way:

Click in the box if YES

  • If your answer is NO - leave the box empty
  • If you enter a tick by mistake clicking on the box again will remove it

3. Text fields

  • You can click into a text field and type your information
  • You will use text fields to enter information such as your name and date of birthWhere you see this symbol By social landlord we mean your Local Authority or Housing Association position your mouse over and additional information will be provided.

4. Log in Ref Please ensure you make a note of this number as you will need this for future reference.

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